Where it all Began: A Short Story Long

I started my hiking adventures in 2009 but did not get serious until 2014. The 6 years in between I have been on and off hiking trips. I 2016 I took my serious thoughts and put them into action. I digress, let us go back to pre 2009.

As a family we took vacations around the kids sporting activities which meant going to San Antonio, Austin or Houston, then we decided to take real vacations. We did South Padre Island prior to kids sports and then Galveston during kids sports. It was hot so we went to the beach places. 100_3616.jpg      In 2009 we decided to do something a little different, go to a cooler place. We choose to go to Estes Park, Colorado ( I never heard of it-recurring theme). I did some research and loved the fact that we would be by the Rocky Mountains.


The trip is where my spark for hiking started but it was not quite a fire. I got a taste of hiking to waterfalls and the views of the mountains were something I have never seen in my life.



I also wanted to do something we have never done before that seemed adventurous and that something city folk did not do too much of. I booked us a whitewater rafting trip.


I will move on to 2011 in the next post. Lastly this is also the first time I had seen “real” wildlife on a vacation.IMG_1104.jpg



My First Blog Post

I starting this blog to let those people who might get lost in all these web pages and stumble upon my humble blog. It will be filled with hiking stories of the places I have visited and dotted with a dry sense of humor. Follow me as I trek my way across Texas as well as previous adventures in Colorado, Oklahoma and Arkansas. I will also have pictures and possibly a video if possible.

I currently live in the DFW area. I have taught and coached in the Dallas ISD and now work in the Arlington ISD as an educational Diagnostician. I am often trail running, road running or hiking all around Texas and the surrounding states. Writing is not my specialty so do not expect Pulitzer Prize worthy information just some good fun blogging.20170712_092218.jpg



This is the post excerpt.

This my blog enjoy stay awhile. I will be as entertaining as possible with stories and pictures in the blog section and videos under the other stuff section. Mostly I will chronicle my adventures to becoming a hiker as a sidebar to trail running. Hopefully I will have a before and after weight lose story also.